Many companies offer Inca Trail tours.  Choosing the right company can make or break your experience, so stick to the trusted companies below.

  • SAS Travel:  SAS Travel is a well-established company that has been operating for decades.  They believe in responsible tourism, hiring guides and buying supplies from local villages.  They offer a wide range of Inca Trail tours, from the classic 4 Day Inca Trail, to booking your entire trip including luxury accommodations.  They can also combine your tour with the Salkantay Trek, Cusco and Sacred Valley tours, or extra nights in Aguas Calientes.  Their service has won many awards, both for its quality and its efforts in sustainable tourism.  They also accept credit card payments online, which gives you a level of fraud protection over Western Union.
  • Peru Treks: Peru Treks is a family-run operator that appeals to budget travelers.  They are very conscious of responsible tourism, and have won many awards for it.  100% of their porters are from local villages, and are provided free quality equipment and life insurance.  They offer competitive prices, have bilingual guides, and set a group cap of 16 people.  They specialize in only the 4 day Inca Trail tour, with groups, so if you are looking for anything special, or a private tour, this is not your company.
  • Q’ente: Q’ente offers the basic 4 day Inca Trail tour, along with some specialty treks that include additional stops or private tours.  They have luxury services that arrange everything from your arrival in Lima to your departure from Peru, in nothing but style.  They also offer affordable trips to many of the main sites in Peru.  Expect to pay a little more than other companies, but they will offer many more options, smaller groups, and help with most travel arrangements.

Some other options to consider that offer competitive prices, quality equipment, and responsible tourism are Enigma, Llama Path, Andina Travel, and United Mice.  All companies offer different departure dates, different tour options, and different pricing, so contact a few before making your decision.  You will save a great deal of money booking directly with one of these companies, instead of an international tour agency.

Inca Trail Tours

Many excellent companies provide memorable, safe, and affordable Inca Trail Tours